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More about Poesy

1975 July 31.

Designer – of space, of interiors, of lifestyles, of jewelry, of clothes, of products. Aspiring reinventor.
Writer + Artist.

One of her goals is to be learned about social issues such as underprivileged children, education, research for disease and animal welfare. Her involvements in social work dates back to the mid 90s.

Poesy is the founder of Helping Angels, a movement of compassion based on the random acts of kindness and the founder of Bald Empathy Movement, a movement of empathy.

A little on her HISTORY:
Poesy has been dabbling in television work since (1989) 14 years of age and has a considerable portfolio to show for a span of more than 10 years. At the end of 1999, she made the conscious effort and started to move away from the entertainment industry in order to seek improvements, a career to kick-start her charitable ambitions and her purpose in life. She has a strong passion to live, to write, to learn and to pass it on in hope of benefitting others.

During the height of a young television career, albeit 17, one of Poesy's most challenging life experiences marked the period which gave her the spiritual groundings that she needs today - it was also the end of adolescent high school and the beginning of adult reality. Poesy was diagnosed to have a life-threatening spinal growth (spinal tumor) and was deemed permanently paralyzed waist down. Against medical predictions, her recovery was miraculous, not to mention rapid. It took only 1 year (after surgery) before she was 'ballroom dancing into the scene' again, this time with changed perspectives.

She went on to embark on new sets of work as a motivational speaker. While exploring other career possibilities and studying too, she continued her ride on the entertainment industry 'rollercoasters'.

From her pre-schooling days, Poesy started classical training in various forms of cultural chinese art, performing arts, and music. In a major way, all these creative skills have contributed to her later years. At the age of 11, she won 'Gold Medal (under 12 division) for Chinese calligraphy during the CNY auspicious calligraphy competition at the Thean Hou Temple. Her Chinese painting and calligraphy work was exhibited with her adult course-mates at the tender age of 10 - just to name a few.

The irony of her deeply rooted formal skills in Chinese art lies in her English-Malay educational background. As her mother is Taiwanese and her father is Cantonese, she speaks fluently in both Mandarin and Cantonese but her literary ability in Chinese did not match verbally. When she had to write her own scripts in Chinese for her television shows, Poesy found the opportunity that self-expanded her written vocabulary for the Chinese language - further enhancing her language skills. As a child, Poesy commonly resembles one from a modern stereotypical Taiwanese chinese family. An adult, one exposed and adapted internationally.

After her secondary education, Poesy was trained for 3 years in architectural engineering school while she accumulated her experiences by answering the numerous career opportunities that knocked on fate's door. When she first decided to quit the entertainment scene at 24, she ventured on to do her MBA as a reinvention process to redefine herself. At 26, Poesy restlessly started to pursue a law degree with the intentions to further her knowledge, however she has yet to complete her legal studies and became a drop-out from law school - due to the interruptions in her health.

Poesy believes in conquering challenges. To keep moving on, her eccentric sense of humor lends much character and positivity to her life. Her attitude towards life can be seen in the things she writes about. She only discovered her love in writing at 25 when she was grasping for direction, like everyone else facing the so-called 'Quarter Life Crisis'. Writing helped her heal from all the early baggages of the world that she experienced.

She spent her 20s exploring different jobs and industries while she advanced herself in them. To quote a magazine interview, "What she has accomplished to date is enough to last normal folks many lifetimes. Futures trader, motivational speaker, writer, television commercial talent, professional MC, VJ, artist, volunteer worker, survivor and finally started her own interior design practice. For multi-talented Poesy, life seems to be a whole series of fresh starts." (Read in Download Press or Her Careers.)

At the turn of 28, Poesy was once again faced with another health hurdle. More spinal tumors were found. Life has once again posed more difficult questions of partial paralysis. Things put on hold, after the second spinal surgery she had to relearn how to walk again. This is seen as another turning point to redefining Poesy's World while she fight the effects of the surgery and remnant tumors.

In February 2006, Poesy underwent a CyberKnife surgery in Stanford University to treat some stubborn remnant tumours wedged in her spinal cord. The success of the procedure will be known while time advances, it is ambiguous how her health will turn out over the post-op 3 years. She has set her mind to make yet another miracle happen. Her mother was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer in mid 2005 and needed to seek an indefinite length of hospital treatment so her family was faced with yet another set of crises. Poesy's treatment was estimated to cost USD85,000 nett of travelling expenses. Prior to her surgery, Poesy's friends, doctors, more distant acquaintances from all over the world helped send her to seek care with Dr. John Adler, the inventor of the CyberKnife technology, while her family focused on caring for her mother.

During the recuperation period, she is wasting no time building the career aspects of her life. May 2006 saw the conception of POEZ Jewellers, the branding of a private collection of fine jewellery she designed to sell to the jetsetting international elites.

Follow up to her mother's story is at the beginning of 2007, Poesy's mother had a report of a clean bill of health and continued with the acupuncture practice to heal others! At this time, Poesy experienced a profound realization to be worth the friendship of all who helped her and her circumstances just further strengthened her altruistic goals in philanthropy.

In August 2007, Poesy founded an online group called the Helping Angels. Helping Angels is a network of volunteers on Facebook dedicated to providing support and assistance to various community causes in Malaysia. One of the earliest focuses are government and community children’s homes, in order to add educational and social benefit to the children housed within them. A further objective is that volunteer angels can learn and discover personal development from their involvement in these activities and interaction with the underprivileged. The group is privately funded and does not take monetary donations from the public. Any form of material help asked will be posted online for people to be informed and make the independent effort to directly give help to the said individuals or communities involved. The group only serve as a tool for people with aspirations to do good angel work. It is also against group policies to participate in any form of commercial, religious or political rally. All it does is to challenge others to give help without using money, as Poesy's personal belief is that money alone cannot solve our troubles. People who are willing to give time are the most valued type of angel volunteers, while others are encouraged to contribute by exercising their influence or lending their knowledge through advise.

Although a fledging organisation, Helping Angels on Facebook has recruited online over 1000 angel volunteers involved in short term projects that require varying efforts and time commitments. Currently the organization is in its first year of a tutoring program, Thursday Tutoring, which started at Precious Children Home in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. In 6 months, the number of dedicated angel volunteers have grown and expanded to give tuition to the second home nearby, Trinity Children Centre. The long term goal is to introduce The Tutoring Program to provide academic assistance weekly to children in greater numbers across a range of homes, and to eventually implement a fostering program for children with outstanding educational results. Helping Angels will continue to reach out and provide help where a difference can be made.

There will be an official website coming up soon to benefit the people who are not Facebook users, as the group have been asked to consider expanding the angel activities to other international cities to focus on their local causes. However, due to the cautious policies the group adopts with regards to expanding, we are putting up the official website first to gather angel volunteers and research different needs of various localities. If you are interested to be involved, do visit here from time to time and watch this space.

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